Diablo 4 – smart reveal or a printing error

A strange conspiracy theory spreads among Diablo fantatics in the last coupe days. It’s not yet an announcement, and it’s too early to make a prediction, but there is a change that Diablo 4 will be announced on BlizzCon on 4th November. The whole story started with a D4 dice.

It will be take a while to explain the core of the theory, but I will try. All started with a small 4 faced dice, bought by YouTuber Rhykker, who made a video about his brand new BlizzCon 2016 goodie pack. The package this year contained a sack full of board gaming dices, each with different number of faces: with 20 faces, 10 faces, 6 faces, 4 faces and so on. In terms of board gaming these are called D20, D10, D6, D4. He looked carefully on the D4 (4 faced dice), and observed a strange thing: there was a printing error on the dice.

Let’s make it clear: a 4 faced dice, has the same number at each edge, so when you rotate the dice, you see the same number on the bottom edge, like this:

D4 dice
You can see, that 4 appeard on both of the faces on bottom (and also on the hidden 3rd face)

Now, Rhykker noticed that the 1’s edge-set did not comply to this rule. It was 1-1-4 instead of 1-1-1. Are you still with me? Okay sparky, let’s continue.

If this a printing error, that someone’s butt will be kicked, but if this is conscious act, it was the best marketing plan ever made by Blizzard. More, the 114 red in a more suitable way gives 11.4, or November 4th, which concurs with the 2016 BlizzCon date. So all together, a wrong printed D4 dice, exactly matching November 4th, it can’t mean else, just the announcement of the Diablo 4 on BlizzCon! It’s quite a fun, isn’t it?

The truth beyond Diablo 4 conspiracy

Talking seriously, we can surely expect announcement tied about the Diablo series, because Diablo 2’s veterans, David Brevik and Bill Roper recently visited Blizzard’s headquarters. The possibilities are few: or the Diablo 2 is going to get a remastered version, or Diablo 3 will be extended further, but there is a chance that the story will be continued in Diablo 4. Let’s hope, the last one will occur – beside I’ll be happy with any of the above.

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