EU League of Legends Championship 2018 roster lineups

EU LCS 2018 is knocking on the front door. Don’t forget to welcome the new EU League of Legends season. Here are our first impressions about the transfers.

First of all, lets talk about 2018’s EU League of Legends rosters, which – as usual – was mixed up at the end of the season 7.

G2 is trying something new

Last year’s champion G2 also performed a massive roster change, setting up Perks with 4 new members. G2 didn’t change it’s roster since 2016, and while they performed extremely well in the last two years, overcoming all the european teams, they were less explosives against korean and NA teams. The best explanation for this huge change is that they will be more focused on international tournaments.

Fnatic will just be Fnatic

The only team in EU that will keep 4 members from the 2017 lineup. The team is convinced in their power to overcome G2 this year, regardless to last year’s summers split bad playoff results. On the support role Hylissang will replace Jesiz in the active squad, while Jesiz will stay with the team as a substitute member.

H2K and Roccat redesigned

While Roccat was among the underdogs in the previous season they were able to beat some giant teams as Fnatic. H2K also had an okay season, so we can bet only their financial issues for the massive roster changes. However,  star players such as Jankos or Febiven will leave H2k, as at Roccat Betsy and Pridestalker will continue their carrier in other teams. We feel sorry for these rosters, while we are also curious to see these totally new compositions in play.

Giants goes to Vitality

Vitality buys out 4 Giants member, so basically they not only purchasing player skills but also an already working team cooperation strategy. In the meantime, 2 Vitality’s the former members, Steelback and Djoko will join Giants. These swaps will bring interesting matchups for the upcoming season that we are eager to see.

Schalke 04 power-up

With 2017’s spring split MVP Vizicsacsi on front, Schalke 04 contracted 4 former 2017 LCS members. While they finally succeeded in qualifying in LCS, they will not risk again a promotional tournament.

You can check out the full EU LCS 2018 roster here.

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