FInal Fantasy XV unite PC and Xbox One players

It’s official. Square Enix confirmed Final Fantasy XV coop game play between PC and Xbox One users. Thanks to the new Windows Edition that will contain all DLCs the platform barriers seem to be a bit lifted.

Despite to Sony’s conservative market strategy of not letting PS4 and Xbox One users play together, Microsoft has a more open minded perspective. Thanks to the new Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition release, PC users will enjoy walking around Kinsglaive with their Xbox One friends. While this mode has also a 4 member party limitation, it seems a huge step in solving Final Fantasy’s cross-platform limitations.

PC gamers must buy the Final Fantasy XV new edition from the Microsoft Store, since Steam and other platforms still aren’t supported. The Windows package will contain all of the DLC needed, the Comrades also, which will be also available to Xbox One from the store for Gold subscriptions.

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