Full VR first person shooter: Arktika.1

arktika.1 VR game in demo phase
arktika.1 VR game in demo phase

Arktika.1 in demo mode

It’s only a demo right now, but in the first half of 2017 the this new VR post-apocalyptic game, named Arktika.1 will be available in stores. The main scene is a second ice age, where the most humanity got extinct, and you are hired by a Russian colony to defend their places against bandits, monsters, and other fearsome creatures.


While the game is only in early phase now, you can play only a few stages within a bunker or dungeon (or something similar), and shooting some bandits and flying robots. However, this teaser is enough to experience the real VR feeling beneath Arktika.1. Beside you can shoot with your one hand, using the exclusive Touch console, you are forced to bend over and even lie on the floor to avoid bullets from your enemies. This is quite an exercise, and lot of fun – like a zumba training, just a bit more aggressive.

VR Movement mechanism not changed

The movement is controlled by hand, you have to point on a predefined area in the space to be teleported on that location. It’s the usual limitation of VR games, but even if you haven’t played a VR game till now, you get use to the feeling in a few minutes. There are yellow and red spots where you can teleport, the colors defines the aiming and the coverage of the area. Yellow areas has less cover, you are closer to your enemies with a better aiming angel, while red ones are great for sheltering, but you need to aim better to hunt down your foes.

Arktika.1 is a product of a cooperation between 4A Games and Oculus Studio, that’s why the game is made exclusively to the Oculus Rift, by the way this is my personal favorite when it comes to VR head gears. However we hope they 4A Games will bring Arktika.1 to other devices too.

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