Nautilus Support build guide

I have more than 100 wins in ranked as Nautilus support, so I decided to put together an all round Nautilus support build guide Season 6 for this amazing LOL champion. This Nautilus build guide will include not just the obvious build schemes, but also a lot of explanation. My believe is that you can’t master a champ without understanding the synergy between skills, masteries, itemization and strategies that can be carried out with that specific LOL champion. Nautilus support playing styles can be differed from match to match, and like other builds, these are not standards, just some best practices to play with.

Nautilus Full tanky support

The most essential build with Nautilus for ranked games. It’s basically a full tank build, but you can switch some items during gameplay if the situation requires. The main idea is to avoid early fights, stay defensive before level 6, that you can push step by step, and never ever rush forward.


9 x Greater Seal of Scaling Health ~ 1.33 health / level  / seal (12 health /level ~ 216 health on lvl 18)

9 x Greater Mark of Armor ~ 0.91 armor (8.19 armor)

9 x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist~ 1.34 magic resist (12 magic resist)

3 x Greater Quintessence of Armor ~ 4.26 armor (21 armor)


In short, you are aiming armor, health, and health regen maximization. Take care, your final mastery skill, Bond of Stone will consume extra health from you in favor of your ADC. This isn’t bad, but it can be quite wacky in early game (look forward on intemization to solutions avoiding this).

Item sets

Starting items – Nothing special here, just the usual Relic Shield, Healing Potion and Trinket. However, one thing to remember here: if your don’t want to rush your early game, you can switch the Healing potions with Rejuvenation Bead. If the enemy ADC and Supp doesn’t have a big poke, the +50% base health regen will help you heal faster between trading and the most important thing is that the first back shopping will be much cheaper.

First back – Yes, your eyes doesn’t play with you, there is no Sightstone. Why? Because it’s 800 gold, and you have mostly have charges left in your Warding Totem for warding bushes in early game. I usually wait for 1200-1300 gold for the first recall, and I usually buy Targon’s Brace (350 g with Rejuvenation Bead bought at the start), a Cloth Armor (300 g, +15 Armor against the ADC), and one more Cloth armor (if the ADC is strong, or the Supp is tanky), or a Null-Magic Mantle (450 g, +25 Magic Resist, if the Supp or Jung is AP based).

My personal feeling is that in early game (before min. 10) a Boot of Speed is not a must, because Nautilus has the close-gapper Q, the passive stun, and the amazing cc E, plus his W will reset your auto-attack. If it’s not enough time for your ADC to take a kill, there’s no need to chase. In this phase of the game you’re much like a mountain that moves slowly, but if you hit the target, he/she most likely will be finished off by your allies.

Final build – This is the part where Nautilus will match the other god tier supports, and compared to others he can turn a 20-30 kill disadvantage to a win. I’m gonna break this down for you.

Face of the Mountain – an essential item for any tanky support, especially for Nautilus. While this bunch of metal does not have a sustain skill, you have to rely on the active spell of the Face of the Mountain. A shield is summoned on one of your ally (usually the ADC or Mid) that is equal to 10% of your maximum health.

Ninja Tabi / Mercury’s Tread – choose one according to AP / AD ratio from the enemy team. If the ADC is fed, take Ninja Tabi, if the AP mid is making pentas, take MR with Mercury’s Tread.

Randuin’s Omen – your basic resource of armor and health. It also has a great nerfing passive against ADCs (when hit by basic attacks, reduces the attack speed of the attacker by 15%) and a nice slowing cc active spell – if your E is still not enough.

Guardian Angel – a very underrated item IMHO. If friendship between items and champs exist, the Guardian Angel would be Nautilus’s best fried. Decent armor, magic resist and a very powerful passive: if you die, you will be resurrected in 4 seconds with 700 or 33% max. Health (the greater applies). Let’s take an example. You throw in yourself in a teamfight with a good Q hook, like a good tanky support. You get a tremendous burst damage, you exchange with your E, shield yourself with W, stunning a few enemies with passive and eventually with your ult. But you die. Only for 4 seconds! Usually enemies will move away a few steps, and when you wake up you have the element of surprise and the most beautiful thing: a nice E cc, ready to use (cooldown worn off in 4 seconds). From here on, you have many options: escaping by using your E for slowing chasing enemies, than Q on the wall, or reengaging.

Locket of the Iron Solari – against heavy AP teams the Locket will give your team 15 MR and additional shield as active skill. I usually build this in late game, the only exception is if there is no AP build against my team.

Ruby Sightstone – i hate this item, but you need wards and health, so you must build it. Anyway, it should be the last one to upgrade.

Playstyle with Nautilus

As for every champion, for Nautilus is also true that playstyle matters as much as the build itself. If you blindly copy these values and items above and you don’t respect Nautilus’s skills and behavior, you will never get further of Silver division. So where is Nautilus power?

Nautilus is a character that can be built in two different ways. You can pull damage – at this time you need to rush early game to make kills and assist, and to avoid late game -, or you can raise armor and magic resist. I prefer the last one, especially for ranked games (gold and above), because ranked games often hold on for min 40-45. At this point if your team doesn’t have a decent tank, you probably will lose, even if you have a 10-20 kills advantage. So, in my opinion Nautilus should be built tanky in ranked games.

Try to exchange as rare as possible in the first 5 minute, but don’t appear a weak opponent. Keep the minions line in middle if possible, but the enemy pushes you and your ADC under your turret, it’s not a problem. Your ADC will probably lose cs, but now it’s your time to pull some of the attackers under your turret, and change the tide of the battle. Avoid pushing, especially if you don’t have Healing Potions or Boots. Oh yeah, and a very important thing: never ever push to the enemy’s turret without warding the river bush!

After first back, you can change style. Try pulling enemies close to your turret, than grab the ADC or the squishy Supps with Q, then almost instantly cc them with W and shield yourself up with E and auto attack again. Hope that in the meantime your ADC will make it to you and kill the target. If you can make 2-3 assist and kills this way, you won bot lane. Remember, the bush still need to be warded!

In the case you are ganked by the jungler, don’t let him to engage your ADC. Grab him, stun him, then (if you still can) try running till you reach your turret. If all goes wrong, remember, you are expendable. To kill you, your enemy will burn out some of their ultimates, and this is still just 1 kill.

From minute 20, if you are in advantage of kills and drakes, you will probably win easily teamfights. Very important thing: you must engage first, or a tanky top laner like Garen, Darius, Trynda, etc.  If you push, you have to stay in the front line. If it is possible, try grabbing the ADC or mid, but if you grab someone else, it’s not a problem. The combo is the same: grab with Q, then auto, W for cc slow, E for shield, another auto instatnly, then search for ADC or mid and fire your ult R. If your Randuin Omen’s active is up, fire this also for slowing enemies. In the meantime your damage dealer friends hopefully will take out the ADC, mid and jungle. The rest tanky chars should be chased down, then GG.

Final thoughts

My personal feelings about Nautiulus is that he is a way too underrated champ. He can be a beast when it comes to teamfights, and a good carry support in early and mid games. If you like Leona or Blitz, but you search for an alternative champ with the same tanky characteristics and with some crowd control ability Nautilus is the best choice you can make.

Hope you enjoyed this article, see you in the LCs! 🙂

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