10 Overwatch tips & tricks guide on how to play Overwatch

After so many hours played on Overwatch beta, I decided to put together an all-rounded essential tips & tricks guide on how to play Overwatch for those of you planning not to be the “noob” guy in your team. Before we get started on the Overwatch tips list, please note that this guide is not a character specific walkthrough, it’s just an essential Overwatch trick pack you should know regardless what’s your favorite hero (see hero list here).

1. Turn ON your Kill Feed (Overwatch essential)

It’s an absolutely must, that you turn on in your Options menu the Kill Feed switch in Overwatch. You will find it under Options > Gameplay > Kill Feed ON. Why this is important?

If you already have your own copy of the game at the moment, you should be realized by now that in Overwatch there is no mini-map, or a live map while you’re playing. It’s simply impossible to track the game status while you are in the middle of action. But, there is a hidden functionality (in my opinion it should be default on in Overwatch games) which will help you to understand the status of the game: the Kill Feed panel.

In active state, at the right top corner you will notice an opaque window, that shows the current kills that had occurred at the battlefield.

This is essential, while deciding your strategy. You shouldn’t push if half of your team is dead, but you will keep going if enemy Reinhardt is down.

2. Switch heroes

While playing Overwatch matches, you must adapt to the situation. If your team is overwhelmed by damage, you should pick a tank next, or maybe a good healer support like Mercy. The ability of altering your strategy could save or lose a game, so don’t hesitate to switch your hero if needed. If you forgot a character’s skill set, you can always press F1 to view a brief overview. It’s totally okay, if you’re not an expert of all characters, no one is!

3. Target supports

Don’t be driven by your senses. It’s not the enemy’s Reaper that finish you off, and not Reinhardt is the walking wall by himself. A good working team is always controlled by a wise support character that buffs and commands his team and on the other sides debuffs and mislead the enemy. So your main focus should be on supports in Overwatch. If they are out of the game, you and your team has a great chance of winning.

4. Pay attention to game objectives

It’s not Quake or Counter Strike, it’s more complex of that. While it’s not a bad thing you kills your opponents, your main objectives are the most important things. If you just run forward chasing enemies down it wont help your team escorting an object to a point. Overwatch games should be carried out with strategy. I saw many teams loosing by simply missing the things to do.

4. Instead harassing your team, cooperate!

Teamplay, teamplay, teamplay! If it would be a Lenin in the gaming world, it would be his biggest slogan, and not only for Overwatch. If you cooperate, you have a greater chance to win, it’s proved statistically.

On the other hand, if you are flame on each other, more than likely you will lose the match. Don’t be negative, even if one of your fellow team member keeps dying or playing super bad (i’m not using the word “noob” intentionally, this is the worst word to use in any cooperative game BTW).


5. Don’t rush!

You’re not superhuman. Every character has it’s down sides, so no one can solo a game. The game designers at Overwatch payed hundreds and thousands hours on balancing this game, so it’s absolutely impossible to carry a match alone. Although it has been said and done, i will repeat myself: it’s a team game!

Keep on eye on your teammates, and if everyone is powered up, and the objective is to push, than push. If you need to defend, or 2 of your members are down, you should retreat slowly or just keep up a good defense point, it’s totally fine. Before acting, ask yourself: “Is this good for my team?”.

6. Don’t stop shooting

In Overwatch every weapon comes with unlimited ammo. So why stop shooting? More you fire, the more damage you can do, so at the beginning just keep shooting. And one more extra tip here: don’t be scared about shields. They are not unbeatable, they can be, and should be destroyed by shooting. And if you break Reinhardt shield (for example), keep in mind that your enemy morale will break also with the shield, and there’s your win!

7. Use and detect ultimates

I will combine two ideas, both related with Overwatch’s ultimate skills. Your ultimate will take some time to charge, that for you have to use it at the right time. For example if you are playing Reaper, try to use your Death Blossom in teamfights. Reaper’s ultimate will cause heavy damage to nearby enemies in a circle, so it’s more effective when  he is surrounded by enemies. Be patient, but don’t hold it back, when the time has come. Ultimates will charge with time and by accomplishing objectives, so don’t hold back for ever.

Avoiding ultimates is as much hard as launching them in the right time. But there is a trick: every character yields a phrase before he/she deploys his/her ultimate skill. It’s the same slogan every time, and you can hear it if you stand near by. That’s why I advice you to keep quite the music (at least at the beginning of your Overwatch carrier). If you hear Pharah’s “Justice rains from above!” you have 2 more seconds to act.

8. Jump, Fly, Wall-run: stay on high ground

In short: better to be in the air than on the ground. I will go through this scientifically: you have less positioning possibilities on a 2 dimensional surface than in a 3 dimensional space. Therefore it’s more likely you will get damage on the ground than in the air. It’s true not for Overwatch only, but almost for any FPS game. Your enemies expects you on their own level of 2 dimensional surface, but if your position is not that obvious, you are in a big advantage.

Enable Wall-run in the Overwatch Settings. This trick will work on some characters like Lucio or Hanzo. These chars are able to climb a wall on your side by building up momentum and walking on vertical surfaces for a short time. It’s an ability that it takes time to practice, but in long terms it’s a very useful one.

9. Switch to melee

I mentioned erarlier that the ammo is unlimited in Overwatch. While it’s said and done, empty weapons still need to be reloaded, abilities have to recharge, and that takes time. While you are in a face to face battle, you can’t afford losing time with these actions, so quickly press V to change to your Melee weapon. Melee hits in Overwatch comes with a fine 50 true damage, and ultra fast. It can make a difference between life or death.

10. Learn the map, use your head!

Last but the most important thing: learning. Read the map and learn which characters fits for the match you will play. Defense characters are great when you are in defense positions, but they are often fiddled when pushing.

Learn the terrain, the obstacles, the rooms, the doors, anything that’s map related. This is essential from the start to the beginning of a game. Think of it as seeing further a corner, knowing where are the pillars in the next chamber where you’re going to arrive in 2 seconds later. Map knowledge is your 6th sense in Overwatch.

That’s all about Overwatch tips & tricks. Hope you enjoyed it, and will be a helpful Overwatch guide for all of you. See you in the arena!

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