Sombra: Overwatch’s new character

Sombra, the hacky infliltrator is released this week for Overwatch fans. She is all about control, controlling hardwares, softwares, politics and many others. While her power lies in agility, stealth and positioning, the team’s new hacker girl is a perfect match for players who seeks for a utility character to play. Sombra can do a little damage, but combined with other DPS and Tank styled heroes, she can be the heart of the team.

Sombra Abilities

  • Primary Weapon: Machine Pistol
  • Secondary fire: Hack
  • Passive: Opportunist
  • Shift Ability: Thermoptic Camo
  • E Ability: Translocator
  • Ultimate: EMP

Here is a theatrical teaser for the mastermind infiltrator girl:

As you can hear, she has a spanish accent, and a great hair style. Her favorite color is purple, but as with other Overwatch characters, you can customize her dressing the way you like.

Sombra was releases with a pack of new things, like the new map Ecopoint: Antarctica, or the 1v1 and 3v3 Arcade mode. Lot of new things to see in Overwatch. Enjoy!

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